MeFecit | About
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About “MeFecit,”

MeFecit is a Latin phrase that was often inscribed on handcrafted work of all kinds, from medieval swords to jewellery.

Freely translated mefecit means: “made me,” this was engraved in the work to denote from which maker or workshop the object came from.

The great thing about this phrase is that it gives the object its own voice, “…. Made ME.”

In this I find what I love the most about handcrafted goods, the ability to be meaningful beyond the sum of their parts, and almost get a life and voice of their own.


About Myself,

As long as I can remember I have been very impressed by myth and fantasy stories, and in particular by the objects these stories so often revolve around, from the mighty sword of Siegfried the dragon-slayer to a certain tiny golden ring that could make the wearer invisible.

Enthralled by the magic of these stories I spent my childhood reading, drawing and carving swords from wood to play with in the backyard.

When I was around 15 years old, inspired by articles found on the internet, I decided that I wanted to forge swords from real steel, after all how hard could it be? My dad gave me a one-day knife forging class for my birthday, and from the moment I stared into the forges fire for the first time, I was caught in the magic of creation and since then it has never let me go.

Six years have passed since then, and it that time I managed to turn the garage into my own workshop filled with both ancient traditional tools and modern digital instruments.

Where at first my great love was fantasy swords, in time I have gained a deep love for all parts of the bladesmiths craft, from ancient to modern, and from machined steel to wood and leatherwork.

In my work I strive for a timeless and organic look and the use of natural materials. I use traditional skill and technique alongside modern marvels like belt grinders and digital heat treat ovens.

My work does not have many straight lines, and I actually measure very little. Instead I believe that going by hand, eye and sometimes even smell is the way to go for handcrafted products. Great things have been made that way for thousands of years, and I my eyes they are more beautiful than the most precise engineering of today’s world.

Other than spending my days at the forge, I also like listening and playing metal music, watching cartoons and anime and goofing around with friends.

-Pieter-Paul Derks-